In this current global crisis, businesses have been forced to go into stealth or bunker mode.

The typical business model for sales and business development executives of being in the office or on the road is not possible for now.

Stealth and bunker mode is normal as we all await the next step, send our teams home and work on a contingency plan to keep the sales and new clients coming in.

Here comes the problem as most businesses will spend at least three months retraining or hiring persons who will work from home or remotely. So let’s do the maths taking an SMB business with 10 x salespersons who are now all now sitting at home awaiting training, the average salary being 5,000 euros, so 150,000 euros ( based on a 3-month term ) in addition to the expenditure of the new online processes and tools.

Here comes our DON solution. We have always been a remote or work from home business ever since we launched in Monaco back in 2014. Working remotely is our game and we built a pretty neat business ( Direct Opportunities Network – DON ) from those online, direct phone call skills which to date has produced 541 members which consist of Billionaires, Sports Stars, HNW & UHNW Banking Desks and CEOs and Heads of Brands.

How we work is simply by assisting you in the training and formation of the remote sales teams so your business does not lose additional revenue, time, and brand credibility.

If you prefer we are able to also offer you a ready pre plugin solution using our current DON sales and business development executives which can be ready to use within 48 hours.